Three Ancestors Cultural Museum

The Three Ancestors (sanzu) Cultural Museum is located in the Zhuolu county, Hebei Province, in the northern part of China.With a total construction area of 9174 square-meters, the Architectural Scheme contains areas for experimental exhibition and combination spaces for office use. The fine construction has been the future landmark for the Zhuolu county.The museum has three masses which are equal in proportion. The aim would be parametrically creating conceptual mass family of the repeating mass.

Also the façade has irregularly shaped stone pattern ad texture which could be achieved parametrically. the roof structure is a curtain panel system of glass and steel.

Project 1: Parametric Modeling in Revit

Modeling Process Description


The built mass comprises of three triangular masses varying in heights and length at different ends and rotated at varied angle. The goal is to define parameters to change the height of the masses. All the masses have same height, so I defined 1 parameter to change the height of all three masses simultaneously. The roof of the building has varied slopes which are created as conceptual mass in place components in project file.

Conceptual Mass Development Process

Firstly I created a single mass from drawing line on the reference plane and creating form out of it. After that I created a plane aligning the two ends of the and defined the dimension parameter for the height of the mass. Then I repeated the same process for other masses using the same parameter. Also I have aligned 1 mass to the original reference plane to increase its length only from one side, constrain the other side with the reference plane.

The length of the mass linked with reference line changes.


The height of all three masses changing simultaneously.

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

Screenshot 3

Screenshot 4


The building has majorly 2 envelope system. One is unfinished stone masonry on exterior facade and the other is triangular curtain panel system in roofing. I have created the masonry pattern and unfinished texture by using 1/3 Step Curtain Panel pattern. I tried different heights of the mass in 1/3 step curtain panel pattern family. Also the roof has triangular bent pattern.

Images showing three different options for the masonry blocks in pattern family.

After creating the family I loaded it in the conceptual mass family. Also I gave each block a linked parameter so that it can be changed in the final project file.

Image showing linked parameter "material 44"  applied to "material 4" in original panel family.


Project 2: Accessing BIM Data for Creative Design and Applications

Modeling Process Description

In this project, I am planning to use dynamo in two parts.

Firstly, the project has three masses which has parameters of Height, length and width. I have tried to define the parameters in dynamo and change them accordingly. 

In the second part, I plan to overlay an image on the building facade which has curtain panel system.

Part 1

I have defined the height and shirt height parameters and changed the mass accordingly by using Dynamo. This could be done with nodes like “Family parameter”, “Element name by parameter” and then attaching it with string and Integer slider.

The images shows change in height of the mass by changing the integer value in Dynamo.

Part 2

In this part, I would apply the pixels of an image on the curtain panel façade. Third could be done by selecting the curtain panel in dynamo and getting the elements categorized by “element category” node to get all the elements in Dynamo. Now the Image Pixel and Flatten node could be used with addition some other nodes to get the image on the panel. 

The image used to overlay on the facade